Product Name: PP Hollow Formwork-Black
Date: 2020-03-16 17:57
Reference FOB Price:$25-40/PCS
Reuse Times:50
Min order:1X20GP
Delievery Time:20 days after receiving the deposit or L/C
Payment Terms:T/T or L/C at sight

Detailed introduction


PERFORMANCE PP hollow sheet PVC plastic board Wood plywood Aluminum board
Wear resistance ×
Corrosion resistance ×
toughness × × ×
Impact strength High Normal Normal Normal
Water absorption No deformation No deformation Easy to deform No deformation
Warp after use No warping Easy to warp Easy to warp No warping
Weight (kg/M3) 12.5 15 16 18
Recyclability ×
Processability Easy Easy Difficult Difficult
Environmental protection × ×
Mold release Self demolding Self demolding Use release agent Self demolding
Turnover times 50-100 30-40 3-20 80-100
The cost Low High High High

Test Report

Product name PP Hollow Formwork Species PP
1220*2440mm / 915*1830mm
16mm/18mm etc.
Color white or black etc. Re-used more than
50 times
Usage Construction Surface PE glass fiber
Test Item
Normal Value
(Hollow plastic Formwork)
Test Value
1 Surface Strength
(Shore Hardness) (D)
≧58 64 Qualified
2 Rate of dimension
change after heating,%
Horizontal ±0.2 +0.06 Qualified
Vertical ±0.2 -0.12 Qualified
3 Water Absorption,% ≦0.5 0.15 Qualified
4 No notch impact strength of simply supported beam,kJ/m2 ≧30 46.9 Qualified
5 Bonding Strength,MPa ≧30 43.7 Qualified

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